Healthy way to start running

Healthy way to start running

There are well practised and researched way to start your running healthy and improve stamina for long distance running

1. Start with walking for a brief duration or jogging

Running is natural to human being and its easier than any of other body exercises to start with. but as any other sport running also depends on proper routine and healthy way to start .

Healthy way of running

Even if you have never done any running before, start with consistent cardio routine for twice a week  by walking for about  30-40 minutes and then  progress your walks into slow jog and walking interval workouts like 30 minutes walking and 20 minutes jogging and gradually start with 30 minutes three days a week, then increase the duration up to 40 – 45 minutes.

Eventually when your body gets more comfortable with jogging and walking than step up the tempo and run for a longer duration.

2. Ease your pace and maintain breathing with running speed is easy way to start

Healthy way to start running

Beginners often start running too fast and then burn out. To control your momentum, maintain easy pace and If you’re gasping for breath, slow down.

Beginners should always remember that their body will have to bear the pain for running in first one or two weeks which can be decrease thru stretching and proper exercises.

3. Maintain duration and not the distance for healthy running

Measuring  your runs is totally up to you, but maintaining time wise routine for first few weeks are more easier and healthier than the distance which can be improve afterwards with proper running and stretching schedule . Beginners or new runners who are starting running should maintain time wise routine then the distance wise unless they are training for a specific racing goal . It is  comfortable to setting out to run for 25 minutes gives you more time to have a bad day or take it slow than deciding to run several miles.

4. Maintain a running schedule

# Plan Your Routine

To begin with start out with four runs per week. Any less and you may not progress as quickly as you’d like and likewise any more, though, and you may not have time to recover.

It’s true that practice and repetition are key for fitness success. Each run you do stresses your muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments, forcing them to adapt by growing stronger and more efficient.

Yes you can perform any exercise as much as you can till you are doing properly, though. Pounding the pavement is high-impact and repetitive, so going overboard can increase your injury risk.

Healthy way to srtar running

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